Care Guides

Getting a new pet is exciting, but it is also a great responsibility.  To help you on the road to successful pet ownership we have collated some basic care guides for the most common pets we supply.

It is important to note that these care guides are only meant as a starting point and should not be considered comprehensive information.

We urge you to fully research the needs of any animal you wish to own prior to purchasing.

Click a link below to download a care sheet.

Puppy Care Guide Kitten Care GuideKittens Canary Care Guide
Cockatiel Care Guide Finch Care Guide  Parrot Care Guide
 Budgerigar Care Guide  Dwarf Hamster Care GuideWinter White Hamster   Syrian Hamster Care GuideSyrian Hamster
 Rabbit Care GuideRabbits  Guinea Pig Care GuideGuinea Pig  Gerbil Care GuideGerbil
 Fancy Mouse Care GuideFancy Mouse Rat Care GuideRat  Chipmunk Care GuideChipmunk
 Pond Fish Care Guide  Goldfish Care Guide  Fancy Goldfish Care Guide
 Bearded Dragon Care Sheet  Leopard Gecko Care Guide  Corn Snake Care Guide
Tortoise Care Guide Turtles & Terrapin Care Guide Stick Insect Care Guide
 Water Dragon Care Guide